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Zaurus Wireless Serial Cablepicture of product

The Sharp Zaurus Wireless Serial Cable works just like a serial cable between the Zaurus and the PC, only wireless. And it works with new computers which don't have a serial port, since it plugs into a USB port. The Zaurus Wireless Serial Cable is for the SL-5000D, the SL-5500 and the new SL-5600.

With this product you can:

  • Sync your Zaurus wirelessly
  • Connect your Zaurus to the network wirelessly.
  • Enjoy 4 times the battery life of WiFi solutions!
  • Keep your CF slot open for other uses.
  • Rid your personal space of wires!
  • Turn your cradle into a Wireless Cradle

The product has two modules. The Zaurus module plugs into the bottom port without blocking the keyboard or the power connector. The USB module plugs into your PC or laptop. The two modules build up a wireless connection automatically. On the Zaurus you communicate through /dev/ttyS0, on the PC you get a virtual serial port (COMx on Win, /dev/ttyUSBx on Linux). Range is 10m (33ft). No software installation required.

If you want to control serial equipment, we have a version containing the Zaurus module and a RS-232 module instead of the USB module. Ask us for further details Contact US.


  • All day wireless networking (SL-5600)
  • No CF card slot occupied
  • Very low power requirements, less than 10% of WiFi
  • Legacy Free, USB port on the PC, Laptop or RS-232 port
  • Does not block keyboard or power connector on the Zaurus
  • No software installation required
  • No Bluetooth stack (Affix or BlueZ) required, no hassle to configure it
  • No extra power supply
  • No additional network infrastructure or access point needed
  • Zaurus module can pair with a Bluetooth cell phone.
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